Studio closed for Term 1

A new year, with new opportunities – and challenges!! The persistent leak I’ve had in my studio for a while got sick of being ignored and turned into a full-fledged flood in early January. This is what about 80L of water looks like on a concrete floor:

Fancy a swim?

For at least Term 1 in 2022 I will be doing all my private lessons from my house (just down the road from the studio), and all group lessons and activities are on hold. The owner needs to get builders in to fix the roof properly – their regular roster of handymen can’t do what needs to be done – so I don’t have a time frame yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to reopen the doors again within a few months! Stay tuned for updates…





Gift Certificates Available

Looking for a unique Christmas present? Pre-purchase lessons for your favourite person to redeem in the new year. This is especially ideal for any parent who has yet to claim their Creative Kids Voucher for the second half of the year – get 2 hours of music lessons free!

Message me through my contact form to arrange a printable voucher for the perfect stocking stuffer.



Now Offering Beginner Drums!

Need to let off some steam and bang stuff for a bit? I will help you master basic drumming patterns on my electric kit. This is a great exercise in improving physical regulation and cross-body coordination. Plus it is awesome fun!

Message me through my contact form for more information.



Now Offering Beginner Guitar!

Due to high interest levels I have learned some guitar skills and am now ready to pass them on to you. I can teach basic chords and simple melodies alongside my solid understanding of music theory and all the similar technical skills I know from years playing the ukulele.

Message me through my Contact form if you’d like to arrange a lesson and kickstart your musical journey!